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Join Modu for real-world design experience, mentorship from Silicon Valley's best, and connections to fast-growing startups seeking your skills.

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There's thousands of top-tier startups in Silicon Valley actively seeking talent like yours.

Join the Modu Fellowship to learn how to work for Silicon Valley startups and turbo-charge your career.

Modu Fellowship is where rising design talent comes to learn, practice, and connect with life-changing opportunities.

There's amazing opportunities out there, but access to them is not evenly distributed. The Modu Fellowship is a community created by designers, for designers, that blends real-world project opportunities, office hours with accomplished designers, and connections to rising tech companies to help you upskill and upgrade your career.

Why join Modu Fellowship?

Build your portfolio with real-world projects from leading tech companies

Build a comprehensive portfolio that showcases all of your product design skills

Complete case studies with real-world challenges from industry clients and showcase them to industry-leading hiring companies

Develop career-ready design skills on real-world design projects

Receive feedback and mentoring from Silicon Valley's finest

Benefit from office hours with designers who've worked at some of Silicon Valley's top companies, including Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, Tesla, Duolingo, Xapo, and more

Collaborate with fellow designers and connect with the design community that support each other throughout the fellowship

Join rising tech companies at the ground floor

Connect with startups from accelerators like Y Combinator, On Deck, Techstars, Entrepreneur First, and others

Get career path guidance from our team throughout the fellowship, and beyond

Connect with other fellows both during the fellowship and in future classes

"We trust Modu Fellows because they come to us with real-world experience working for startups like ourselves. A college degree in design doesn't always match up to the real world, but the talent we've found from Modu does."

Tanthai Pongstien
Co-founder, Godling

Program details

6 weeks,
beginning spring 2021

Work on 2 real-world projects with partner companies: get to build your portfolio while solving real-world problems for companies (you may even get hired!)

Office hours with design advisors from top companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, Tesla, Duolingo, Xapo, & from designers who've founded early stage startups

Showcase at end of program (reach awesome US tech co's from top startup accelerators)

Cost details

We will be waiving all fees for the inaugural virtual class. As we transition to operating entirely online, we want to make sure each fellow has an excellent experience; while future batches will involve an enrollment fee, all Spring 2021 Modu Fellows will attend free of charge if accepted.

Fellowship 2 cost details will be released soon -- sign up for updates.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a great fit for the Modu Fellowship?
We strongly believe strong talent exists regardless of prestige or pedigree, and the goal of our program is to help connect rising stars in design with the connections and support system necessary to succeed in Silicon Valley. As such, while there are no minimum years' experience or degree requirements to join Modu, we do recommend the following:

→ At least 1-2 years' experience working in a professional setting as a designer (this may include internships)
→ Existing experience working on self-directed design projects (where you were not directly assisting a senior IC)
→ At least some experience working on end-to-end design challenges (where you were responsible for crafting lightweight brand, design systems, and screens)

For some, this may consist of previous contract work or full-time design experience; for others, a mixture of an academic background + paid design work, or internships + hackathons, may suffice. In your application, we recommend that you provide us as much context as possible about your experience so we can best understand your level and whether or not you are a fit for Modu.
What is the time commitment?
Modu Fellowship is structured to provide maximum flexibility for Fellows to use as much or as little of the resources provided as is necessary or helpful to each Fellow. With that in mind, we recommend Fellows devote a minimum of 10-20 hours/week in order to fully benefit from the program.
Is the Modu Fellowship a remote program? Are there any restrictions on who may attend based on location or timezone?
Until the conclusion of the global pandemic, the Modu Fellowship will operate as a fully remote program.
While there are no restrictions based on location or timezone, and we welcome participants from all over the world, many of the designers offering their time to mentor Fellows will be based in the United States, mostly San Francisco and New York (PST and EST). In order to take most advantage of the Fellowship experience, it may be necessary to adjust your schedule to allow for more common hours with these timezones if yours is different.
While the Fellowship is free for its inaugural class, are there plans to introduce attendance costs in the future?
There are costs associated with running the Fellowship, including curriculum preparation, sourcing and vetting projects, building the software platform we use to highlight Fellow successes to hiring partners, and compensating our design mentors for the office hours they make available to Fellows. In order to ensure we provide Fellows with an excellent online experience in the Fellowship's inaugural class, we are waiving any and all attendance fees. Our goal long-term is to make Modu available based on talent, not based on financial status, and so while attendance fees may be considered, we are currently exploring a variety of options to help keep Modu financially sustainable in the long term.

Fellowship 2 cost details will be released soon -- sign up for updates.
I'm an employer looking to hire stellar designers -- how can I get in touch with Modu?
Limited slots are still available in our employer Demo Day; if you'd like to participate or otherwise get in touch with us, please email us at hello@modufellowship.com.

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